Write Your Way To Being A Coffee Shop Millionaire

The sale of smart devices like phones and tablets has outpaced that of laptop and desktop computers. If there is one thing this trend clearly points out, it is that more and more people are buying these gadgets for two main reasons: to play games and to go online. Indeed, the latest gadgets have allowed the average person to go online without carrying a bulky device like a laptop. This also clearly points out how the Internet has taken hold of the way most people go about their daily lives.

For many people, the Internet is not just about social networking. To a great extent, it has shaped consumer habits. Today, people can have access to reviews and other information related to products and services they are eyeing to purchase or avail of. Where’s the greatest place to buy vegan products? Go online. Need a plumber? Go online. More than that, it has given them the power to learn more things on their own. Want to learn how to play the ukulele? Go online. Want craft ideas? Go online.

And while the Internet provides a massive amount of information, there are several niches that are still underserved and many people hunger for more reliable information. Anthony Trister developed the idea of the Coffee Shop Millionaire out of the many opportunities offered by the online world. Simply put, you can use your expertise to free yourself from a nine-to-five job and have the time and resources to pursue the things you can only dream of if you stick with your current job.

One of these opportunities is earning through freelance writing. Now, you do not have to be another William Shakespeare, David Foster Wallace, John Grisham or Stephen King. The truth is people are looking for useful, accurate and reliable information that they can easily digest so they’ll be able to select the restaurant that offers the best fish tacos in Mexico or know which Epiphone Gibson SG is perfect for beginners.

As a freelance writer, your output can range from articles and press releases to e-books. Payment schemes also vary, with some clients paying contractors per word or per assignment.

The great thing about freelance writing is there are a variety of ways to land a freelance gig. You can try freelance writing networks or job boards. You can also try joining forums and hook up with other freelancers who might have too much on their plate and are willing to pass on some jobs your way.

Just like any other job, preparation is key. As such, it is best that you set up a website wherein potential employers can find information about yourself as well as read your previous works. While it may be tempting to upload all your previous works online, it is best to curate your portfolio and select your best output, making sure, if possible, that these articles tackle a variety of topics. When you get responses for your application, make sure that you reply promptly as a freelance gig can be picked up by another person easily. It may also be tempting to offer a lower price for your service but it would be better to look at the average asking price and not undercut others through a low pricing scheme. Finally, if you successfully land a gig, remember to finish your work quickly without compromising quality. When you are starting as a freelance writer, the benefit of these is that (a) it allows you to build a portfolio and (b) it establishes your reputation as a reliable professional.

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Coffee Shop Millionaire: Blogging For Money

By Kristen Foyle – Content resource from www.thecoffeeshopmillionairereviews.com

Do you have grudging admiration for those who’ve made their fortune through blogging? Perhaps you decry – on principle – the celebrity status of those who’ve successfully made a career out of maintaining a website; in your mind, they’re at the same level as reality stars who’ve made themselves infamous through controversy and not through any real talent. However, you have to stop, first, because envy is always unbecoming, and second, because if you have the mind to do it, you can become one of those blogging successes too.

Imagine spending your days hanging out at the local coffee shop. Those in offices have to sneak out to enjoy a tall Americano during work hours, but you’re there in your ratty shirt, jeans, and flipflops, tapping away at your laptop. They resent you for seemingly goofing off all day, but just like them, you’re earning your livelihood… except that you have more fun and freedom doing it. You also probably make more since you’re not limited by a ceiling on your salary. Who cares about benefits when being a coffee shop millionaire allows you to acquire everything in cash and, more than that, guarantee a comfortable, if not downright luxurious, retirement without having to scrimp and save in the present?

Can blogging really take the place of regular employment? If you do it right, certainly. There are many ways to monetize your blog, the most common of which are through affiliate marketing, advertizing programs, sponsored posts (watch out for Google’s guidelines on what’s acceptable and what’s not though), paid reviews, etc. You may even choose to add a Donate button for those who’d like to show their appreciation for your content through a PayPal contribution.

At the end of the day, for these monetization efforts to pay off, your blog has to be of great quality, meaning it has to have helpful and informative content. It’s also important for your blog to be popular, which means it gets a lot of traffic and activity. It must have lots of organic backlinks from reputable sites with good page ranks. It should also be networked well socially, so it pays to have a Facebook fan page, a Twitter account, Pinterest boards, etc. Remember, your blog’s ability to attract sponsors is largely based on how popular it is.

Blogging may not seem like much work, but there’s a correct and efficient way of doing it for it to be a viable earning option. To know more about profitable blogging techniques, go to the Coffee Shop Millionaire website.

The Writer Is Now A Coffee Shop Millionaire

There was once a time when the stereotype of a writer can make you shun the pen for good, no matter how passionate you are about putting your thoughts and ideas into words. In fiction and in real-life history, a lot of writers lived their lives in depressing, disastrous conditions. Writers were at the tail end of the publishing food line. They agonized over page after page, only to have their manuscripts rejected without a thorough read. And should they find a break and have one of their works published, the fees and royalties would be barely enough to let them get by until the next writing project, and will be so far from the fair compensation for the blood, sweat and tears they put in just to create the masterpiece.

Today, however, the life of a skillful and sensible writer is completely different. The Internet and other technologies have allowed people to publish outside the rules and cliques of the publishing industry. Writers aren’t pounding the keyboard inside cramped, cold rooms anymore – they’re lounging around in cafes, living their lives in flip-flops as they sip their macchiato and nibble on a croissant. Such a person would be paid well for his work, and he is now labeled as a coffee shop millionaire.

There are many ways to earn a living, or eventually establish a successful business, from writing online. All you need is your laptop, an Internet connection, and the imagination and discipline that every writer needs. You can start a blog, for instance, which you can create as a platform for your writing portfolio as well as for your marketing ventures. To monetize your blog, you can post reviews there as an affiliate marketer, use Google AdSense, or sell advertising space. Other ways to earn as a writer are through marketing your skills as a content producer, being an author of e-books, or ghost-writing for a client.

However, merely churning out articles day after day won’t be enough for you to live the life you aim for. In order to optimize the various earning opportunities that online writing brings, it’s important to implement a well-laid out strategy for the creation, distribution and marketing of your content. You could learn more about the process from leading online gurus such as Anthony Trister, who is known to help newbie digital professionals learn how to convert every minute they spend online into dollars. All you need to do is to make a decision. Haul yourself and your laptop to the nearest coffee shop, and start learning how to write your way to the life you’ve always dreamed of for yourself.

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